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Oh I missed this guy...

DCCC Targets Terry on the Economy

Via the DCCC Press team:
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), chaired by Congressman Chris Van Hollen, today announced the DCCC is launching a Putting Families First ad and grassroots campaign in 28 targeted Republican districts. The ads focus on the Republicans out of step priorities by putting bank bail outs and building schools in Iraq before the needs of the Americans in the struggling economy. The Putting Families First ads begin airing on Tuesday morning during drive time and will run for a week.
Couldn't find the audio, but here's the text according to the release:
Did you know Congressman Lee Terry voted to bail out big banks, but opposed tax breaks for 95 percent of American workers? Times are tough, tell Lee Terry to put families first.

Yglesias on Nelson and the Stimulus

Thought I'd add this for discussion purposes:
The stimulus bill is huge. It's huge because the macroeconomic situation requires a huge stimulus. The stimulus bill is also multi-faceted. And it needs to be multifaceted because it's so huge. Targeted tax cuts can be good stimulus, but you can't do $850 billion of well-targeted tax cuts. Infrastructure can be good stimulus, but you can't do $850 billion of good infrastructure projects. Long story short, the grab-bag character of the stimulus is a feature rather than a bug.
You can read the whole post here.

H/T to Neal Obermeyer who posted this at Nealo.com.

LJS Calls for Repeal of the Death Penalty

A more stark example of how dramatically and utterly wrong the justice system can be could hardly be imagined. Of all the problems with the death penalty, including the reality that it is handed out in arbitrary fashion depending on a defendant’s ability to hire a top attorney, the possibility of executing an innocent person is by far the most consequential.

This year, the Legislature has the opportunity to abolish the death penalty in Nebraska by passing LB306, introduced by Sen. Brenda Council of Omaha.

Senators, vote the bill into law.

Surely Nebraskans do not want the death of an innocent person on their conscience.

Anti-Choice Rally Draws 4K in Lincoln

...MSNBC reports.

As much as I disagree with him, I have to commend them for organizing.

Nelson "Undecided" on Stimulus Package

Matt Corley has a post up over at Think Progress about Nelson's recent comments to the Washington Post about President Obama's Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Program that passed the House earlier this week. Apparently, Nelson is worried about some facets of the bill including providing $13 billion in Pell grants for students. He believes that they are "worthy" projects but shouldn't belong in the reinvestment program.

Yeah, because it's hard to understand how investing in college kids would improve the economy. That's a real barn burner.

Earlier today, President Obama released state by state job improvement numbers should the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Program be implemented. According to the figures, Nebraska would see an employment boom of 19,220 jobs or a -1.3% drop in the unemployment rate.

Those numbers alone make the program worthy of support.

I'd love to put something in this diary telling you to "Call Senator Nelson and demand he vote for the bill!" but it wouldn't have any effect. Honestly I think Nelson is toeing that line yet again in order to shore up support amongst conservatives in Nebraska. It's no different than earlier this week when Nelson voted "yea" on a killer amendment on the SCHIP bill -- it's all for show because last night Nelson voted for SCHIP.

To be honest with you, I'm no longer bothered by Nelson's "moderation" in the Senate. What irks me is the show that he puts on when important pieces of legislation hit the floor. It's getting real old.

That's Why We Elected Democrats

Posted this on DailyKos about five minutes ago:

By now, I shouldn't have to tell anyone on this fine progressive blog that President Obama's stimulus package passed the House without a single Republican vote. That's a shame for House Republicans.

Yet, their decision to oppose this legislation just affirms what many of us know already and backs up what the American people voted for in the last two elections. You see, Americans from every corner of this country voted for Democrats on every level of their ballots. They voted this way because they know that Republicans will always choose politics over the American people and that is unacceptable.

We should carry no delusions that this vote had anything to do with lack of infrastructure spending, or birth control grants, or whatever else Fox Noise and it's band of merry distorters pushed throughout the media. This was politics plain and simple.

Yet, even with the Republicans relatively impressive show of conservative solidarity, the bill passed.

There's a reason for that. This bill, like some before and many after it, passed solely on the backs of Congressional Democrats -- it passed like that, because the American people voted like that.

Congressional Republicans would do well to remember that.